Solar Monitor Chassis Progress 

I've completed most of the mechanical work on the Solar Monitor Chassis. This picture shows the front panel with the core module interface on the left and four completed bar graph modules installed. The upper left control is a lighted push-button switch with an integral yellow LED. It lights if one of the modules lit the red LED. Pushing the button clears that latch. To the right of that is the beeper volume. Below the push-button switch is an indicator that is green if Radio Sky Pipe is actively scanning channels. It goes red if something stops.

The layout isn't aesthetically ideal because I recycled the panel and had to work around holes that already existed. The good news is that the array of holes for the speaker were already done and I had a speaker that fit them.

This shows some of the guts of the thing. On the left you can see the connections to from the modules to the core module. The right side is all power supply. The box in the rear holds the power entry module and acts as a junction box for the AC. In front of that is the 5V/3A supply for the LEDs and digital stuff. Just visible in the front corner is the 18VCT transformer that supplies the OP-Amps and A/D converter.

I fired it up with Sky Pipe and it works great so far. Now I need to get the front end radios working.


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