Bryant Labs is completely outfitted to build and test anything we've designed. Our goal is to be completely self sufficient and to help you fill all of your new product design and development needs.

Whether we just need to assemble a PCB, or build an enclosure for a prototype, all of the tools are here. We have a complete mechanical workshop as well as the engineering lab you would expect.

Here's a partial list of the tools and equipment available:

  • More computers than we really need, running Windows and Linux
  • Multiple Schematic, Simulator and PCB layout software packages
  • Programmer/debugger dongles for PIC, ARM, MSP430, JTAG
  • Power Supplies from 0 to 300 Volts
  • 1KW Variac
  • HP 8569B 10MHz - 22GHz Spectrum Analyzer
  • Siglent SDS2304X Mixed Signal Oscilloscope
  • TrueTime XL-DC GPS Time and Frequency Receiver with Rubidium Oscillator
  • HP 5328A 500 MHz frequency Counter (referenced to Rubidium Standard)
  • HP 8657A RF Signal Generator (referenced to Rubidium Standard)
  • Siglent SDG1025 Arbitrary Waveform Generator
  • Four Channel Logging Thermocouple Meter
  • A Smattering of Fluke Meters
  • Drill Press
  • Table Saw
  • Way too many hand tools, even antique block planes